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Elevator Advertising 

Looking to reach a large audience in Vietnam? Our elevator advertising service can help you do just that. With over 2,000 buildings across the country, including top apartment and office buildings, we offer affordable packages that can help you get your message in front of the right people. Let us help you create a customized package that fits your needs and budget, and start seeing results today.

Quảng cáo thang máy đà nẵng

Your Target Audience

Elevator advertising is a powerful marketing tool that can effectively reach a diverse target audience. Whether you're targeting professionals, commuters, or residents of high-rise buildings, elevator advertising provides a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience that is often difficult to target through other forms of advertising. By utilizing this approach, you can confidently promote your product, service, or event and achieve your desired marketing results. 

Digital Poster

Installation location: Inside the elevator
Frequency of occurrence: 360 times/day
Maximum time for 1 round: 2-4 minutes/time
Playing time: 10-15-30 seconds
Maximum number of labels: 8-16
Broadcast type: TVC and images

Elevator Advertising

LCD Frame

Installation location: Outside Elevator
Frequency of occurrence: 72 or
144 times/day
Maximum time for 1 loop: 10 minutes
Play duration: 10-15-30 seconds
Maximum number of brands: 20
Broadcast type: TVC and images

Maquet size 

Maquet quang cáo trong thang máy



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