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Boosting your Business in Hue with Elevator Advertising!

Excited about Hue's growth into a central city? By 2025, it's becoming the heart of the region, and by 2030, a cultural gem of Vietnam. Want to promote and expand your business alongside this development? Elevator advertising is a simple and effective way to reach your audience in Hue's evolving landscape.

Elevator advertising isn't just about promoting your brand—it's about forging connections with the people of Hue as it evolves into a central hub. As your elevator ad resonates with locals, it becomes a part of their daily lives, sparking conversations and fostering genuine connections that align with Hue's journey to becoming a central city.

Whether you're in real estate, retail, hospitality, healthcare, fitness, events, education, or travel, elevator advertising allows you to embed your brand within the fabric of Hue's vibrant community as it transitions into a central city. Let your message resonate on every floor, with every ride, forging a deep and lasting connection with the essence of Hue and its people as it embraces its role as a central city.

With over 30 digital posters strategically placed across Hue, from The Manor to Vietel, Vincom to Phu Xuan, TRIMAI ensures that your brand shines brightly amidst Hue's journey to centralization. Join the likes of Ba Tam, Dr. Family, EI Group, Gein Academy, Hoa Pha Lê Hue, Lola's Mom, Seabank Hue, Tan Thanh Ads, and TD House, who have embraced the effectiveness of elevator advertising in reaching and engaging with Hue's dynamic populace. For more details, visit or call 0938135886.

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The post's so great to me. I wanna use this solution for my new-launched product.

Mar 19
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Dear Mr. Hung,

Thank you very much for your comment. Thats great to hear our post is valuable for you. Should you need any further assistance, we are happy to be your service.

Once again, thank you and have a great day!

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