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Sales Inter Job

Da Nang, Vietnam

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

An advertising sales internship can be a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of advertising and sales. Here's some information to consider:

1. **Responsibilities**: As an advertising sales intern, you may be tasked with various responsibilities such as prospecting potential clients, preparing sales materials, conducting market research, assisting in client presentations, and supporting the sales team in achieving their targets.

2. **Skills Required**: While specific requirements may vary depending on the internship, having strong communication skills, both written and verbal, is crucial. Additionally, basic knowledge of advertising principles, sales techniques, and proficiency in tools like Microsoft Office or Google Suite could be beneficial.

3. **Networking Opportunities**: Internships often provide excellent networking opportunities. Engage with your colleagues, supervisors, and other professionals in the industry. Building relationships can open doors for future job opportunities.

4. **Learning Experience**: Treat the internship as a learning experience. Ask questions, seek feedback, and take on new challenges. Use this opportunity to explore different aspects of advertising sales and gain insights into the industry.

5. **Resume Building**: An internship in advertising sales can enhance your resume and make you a more attractive candidate for future job opportunities in sales, marketing, or advertising.

6. **Company Culture**: Pay attention to the company culture during your internship. Consider whether it aligns with your values and career goals. A positive work environment can contribute significantly to your overall experience.

7. **Performance Evaluation**: Take your performance evaluations seriously. Use feedback from supervisors to identify areas for improvement and set goals for yourself. Demonstrating growth and initiative can leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

8. **Follow-up**: After completing your internship, don't forget to follow up with your supervisors or colleagues. Express your gratitude for the opportunity and inquire about potential openings or recommendations for future endeavors.

Remember, an internship is not only about gaining experience but also about building relationships and paving the way for future career opportunities. Make the most out of it by being proactive, curious, and adaptable.


  • Sales Intern Requirements:

    • High school diploma or similar.

    • Degree in marketing, business or similar may be required.

    • Driver's license may be required.

    • Strong self-motivation.

    • Ability to work alone or as part of a team.

    • Proficiency in a foreign language would be advantageous.

    • Ability to cope with rejection.

    • Ability to remain calm in fast-paced environments.

    • Superb interpersonal skills.

    • A professional appearance.

About the Company

Join TRIMAI - Where Quality Meets Affordability!

At TRIMAI, we're proud to offer top-tier multichannel marketing at unbeatable prices. Our mission? To become the town's best agency. Join us and drive success!

What We Offer:

- Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
- Expertise across various marketing channels.
- Results-driven strategies.
- A collaborative environment where your ideas matter.

Who We Need:

- Sales experience preferred.
- Customer-focused mindset.
- Strong communication skills.
- Team player attitude.
- Proven track record of success.

Ready to Join Us?

Send your resume and cover letter today. Let's make TRIMAI the best together!

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