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Advertising at Helio Center

If you're seeking a strategic advertising venue for your brand in Da Nang, Helio Center is an unmissable opportunity. Located in the middle of the city, Helio Center is the largest entertainment complex in Da Nang including Helio Play Area, Helio Kids Area, and Metiz Cinema, Tien Son sport village.

Quảng cáo tại Helio Đà nẵng

Your Target Audience

The target audience for advertising at Helio Center in Da Nang includes a diverse range of individuals and families seeking entertainment, leisure, and shopping experiences. This may include families, teenagers, entertainment seekers, tourists, local residents, sports,...
Overall, the advertising at Helio Center targets a broad audience demographic, catering to individuals of all ages and interests seeking entertainment and leisure experiences in Da Nang.

Advertising at Helio


1. The Helio Play area is a large playroom, with an area of ​​up to 1000 meters square, equipped with modern game machines

2. Helio Kids Area is the perfect place in Da Nang for children to play

3. Metiz Cinema is one of the  most popular cinemas in Da Nang

4. Helio night market: The highlight of Helio center is Helio’s nocturnal culinary paradise, one of the must-try places in Da Nang. 

5. Tien Son Sport Village

Quảng cáo Helio

Advertising Format

1. Led Advertising

2. Billboard 

3. Standee, preshow, flyers, 

4. Signage at stadium 



Helio Center



Level 6, PVCombank, 30/4 Str, Hai Chau, Da Nang



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