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Our WiFi Marketing system covers major airports, cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops in Vietnam, offering brands various advertising options such as banner ads, form filling, TV commercials, and interactive content. With location-based targeting and customized campaigns, brands can engage users effectively. Detailed analytics ensure campaign optimization and success.

Wifi marketing

Your Target Audience

The target audience for our WiFi Marketing system comprises travelers, movie enthusiasts, diners, and coffee lovers frequenting major airports, cinemas, restaurants, and coffee shops in Vietnam. Brands can tailor their advertising to resonate with these diverse demographics, ensuring effective engagement and maximizing campaign impact.

WIFI system

Vincom Center/ Mega Malls (*)

Highlands Coffee

Trung Nguyên Legend

Soya Garden

Golden Gate Restaurants

P.A.C.C Group

Tokyo Deli

CGV Cinemas

tiNiWorld (Hanoi, HCM)

International Airports

FLC Resorts


Truyền thông wifi

Wifi Marketing Format

Ghi chú/ Notes

Logo + Banner + Landing page

Logo + Banner (Forrm data) + Landing page

Banner với yêu cầu viết tên thương hiệu/ sản phẩm/ Brandname or product matching 

Logo + Banner + TVC + Landing page

Chơi game tương tác/ Game

Báo giá theo nhu cầu của khách hàng/ Send proposal to clients as requirement


Hình thức quảng cáo/ Advertising Format

CPC - Premium

CPC–Premium & CPA

CPC – Text matching



CPA (Poll/Survey,..)

- Commitment: number of clicks
- CPC-Premium&CPA: This is the advertising format where users view the logo -> Banner combined with form filling -> directed to a landing page (website/facebook,...)
- Impressions are counted when users view the logo or image of the ad but then exit without accessing the Wi-Fi.
- Clicks are counted when users view the logo, image of the ad, successfully connect to the Wi-Fi, and are directed to the website for further information.
- CTR (Click-Through Rate): Click/Impression. A higher click-through rate indicates better interaction with the ad.
- Airport List: may change depending on the actual situation at the time of broadcasting."


Wifi Marketing 



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