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LED Advertising 

LED advertising in Da Nang City and Da Nang Airport presents a powerful means for advertisers to effectively reach their target audience, enhance brand visibility, and drive engagement through dynamic and strategically placed digital displays.

Quảng cáo màn hình LED

Your Target Audience

The target audience for LED advertising in Da Nang City and Da Nang Airport includes local residents, tourists, business travelers, airport passengers, event attendees, businesses/investors, young professionals/millennials, and healthcare/wellness consumers.
By understanding the demographics, interests, and behaviors of these target audience segments, advertisers can tailor their LED advertising campaigns to effectively reach and engage their desired audience in Da Nang City and Da Nang Airport.

LED advertisement on Nguyen Van Linh Str.,

Nguyen Van Linh is one of the busiest streets in the inner city. Linking Da Nang Airport to the base of the iconic Dragon Bridge. LED advertisement on  one of the busiest roads in the city, LED displays here can capture the attention of motorists, pedestrians, and passersby, maximizing visibility and brand exposure.

LED advertising
Airport Advertising

LED advertisement at Da Nang airport

LED advertisement at Da Nang Airport targets a diverse audience including travelers, tourists, business professionals, and locals passing through the airport. It offers an opportunity to showcase brands, services, and products in a high-traffic environment, enhancing visibility and brand recognition.

To make the most LED advertising

1. Define your goals.
2. Create compelling content.
3. Choose strategic locations.
4. Obtain necessary permits.


5. Use dynamic content.
6. Measure performance.
7. Encourage engagement.
8. Adjust as needed.


List of LED screens in Da Nang 



Level 6, PVCombank, 30/4 Str, Hai Chau, Da Nang



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